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Secrets The 1% Know About Real Estate Investing That You Don’t

In This Book, You’re Going To Learn…


The six most common myths when it comes to getting started in real estate investing…and why anyone can get into the real estate game (even without funds and starting as a side hustle).


The 6 different ways to generate income in Real Estate…and which I choose to focus on.


Residential vs Commercial real estate investing explained (and where you should begin).


Exactly HOW to value your real estate investments. I walk you through the exact calculator I use to evaluate each and every deal I invest in.


How to invest in and own real estate properties.


​Step-by-step playbooks to get started in Real Estate Investing TODAY…customized to your specific situation!

By the time I was 22 years old, while still a full time college student, I had helped to build a real estate portfolio of over $7 million. This book shows how I did it.

Hayden Crabtree

Author of Skip the Flip