LIMITED TIME Investment Opportunity Presented by Hayden Crabtree

Limited Time Investment Opportunity* to Partner With An Industry Leader in Self-Storage

(*For accredited investors only. I am not affiliated with nor compensated by sharing this investment opportunity)

Thursday, March 24th @ 7pm Eastern

Presented By Hayden Crabtree

Investor & Bestselling Author of Skip The Flip

Why Am I Sharing This Opportunity?...

Every week, someone emails me asking if I have any deals they can invest in.

And unfortunately I am turning away virtually everyone because my current deals are full (I don’t take investor funds unless I can put it to work for the investor). 

But last week I was out in Idaho with a friend of mine, AJ Osborne. AJ is the author of this best selling book on Self Storage investing. 

He’s a guy I admire and learn from regularly. He was telling me about a new self storage fund he has opened up that is going to allow all accredited investors to partner with him and put their money to work.

So I decided to share it with you :)

I am not affiliated with nor will I be compensated for sharing this investment opportunity.

I just believe in AJ and want to give the opportunity to those it may be a fit for.

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