Congratulations! You’re Booked!

But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get on the call.

 Step 01

In a few minutes, you’ll be receiving an email and a calendar invitation from Dean Paris, who is the Senior Enrolment Advisor on my team. It is incredibly important that you ACCEPT this calendar invitation.

NOTE: Today or tomorrow Dean will be giving you a prelimiary call. Please save his number and be ready to pick up or return his call.

Dean Parris: 1-404-800-1942

Step 02

If you don’t run your life out of your Google Calendar like I do, add the date and time of your call to your sticky notes, Siri, day planner, or whatever system you use to manage your life.

Step 03

The day of your appointment, Dean will be sending you a text to confirm your attendance. Be sure to be on the lookout for this text and reply back to let him know you’ll be there on time.


Your call will be held via Zoom video at the exact time you’ve scheduled (the link is in your calendar invite and in your email reminders). It is important that you show up to your call at least 3 minutes early. We do not allow no-shows to reschedule with us.

Dean Parris

Senior Advisor