The Step-By-Step Process (And Custom Tool) I'm Using To Analyze & Manage 7-Figure Real Estate Deals In A Matter of Minutes

Look over my shoulder as I break down the step-by-step process I use to find, analyze, and manage a portfolio of real estate properties...and be the first to see the custom tool I built that does it all in a matter of minutes.

Tuesday, June 28th @ 7pm Eastern

Presented By Hayden Crabtree

Real Estate Investor & Bestselling Author of Skip The Flip

On This LIVE Special Announcement For Active Investors Only...

  • Go "behind the scenes" and look over the shoulder as I walk you through the exact workflow I follow each day, week, and month to report on, optimize, and manage my 7 figure real estate portfolio
  • Get an early access look at the Investment Management Platform my team and I developed that I believe will change the way real estate portfolios are managed industry-wide
  • See EXACTLY how I use this platform to manage my portfolio of properties
  • Learn how to get early access to this investment management platform