How To Acquire Your First Investment Property In The Next 90 Days…

Without any capital, connections, or experience. And even if you’re starting as a side hustle.


Hayden Crabtree

Author of Skip the Flip


Off-market deals


Investment management

In This Live 64 Minute Training, You’re Going To Learn…


How to Find Off-Market Deals

My little known step-by-step process for finding OFF-MARKET deals as a complete beginner (this is the BEST way to find the deals your competition isn’t)


My 4-Step Deal Closing System

My 4-step plug and play system to close an off-market deal…even if the other party isn’t initially interested in selling and especially if you’ve never bought a property before


How I Started With ZERO Cash

How I went out and bought a $3mm property with $0 cash from my own pocket (and without raising from investors)


How to Acquire Your First Property

The #1 thing I would do, TODAY, to acquire my first property if I was starting from scratch with no money for a down payment


My Investment Management “Stack”

How I use a single investment management dashboard to track my $20 million portfolio in just 15 minutes per day

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